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Will we *ever* stopped being attacked?! It seems like everyday a different ship attempts to sink us. *This* time it was crazy One-Eyed Pete and the Eye of Russia coming after us, well apparantly he was coming after me. I couldn't honestly tell you why, but he is James' brother so, I would assume it has something to do with him. But all the girls gotten taken over and he threw us all back, except for Murron thinking she was me. If that makes any sense. The man is insane, he doesn't know what he's doing. Thankfully when that loco bastardo threw me overboard I didn't drown, but the fall did make me start to bleed again and not to mention the water was freezing! Gwen and I got into a big fight, but she was right as always. That's when Murron and some guy came up on deck, apparently someone *else* Cassandra was involved with at one point or another. Am I surprised by this guy showing up and nearly crying when he saw Cass? Mmmmm, No, it was only a matter of time before someone else came professing their love for her. Will seemed surprised...maybe suprised isn't *quite* the right word..perhaps, extremely angry. But whatever, I am done with the entire Cassandra / Will thing. The whole thing just makes me tired thinking about it.
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