Murron Catriona McKillie (pyratelass) wrote in caribbeanpiracy,
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Marriage...::Evil laugh::

"Th' twa o' 'em, I'd only take one tiny push in th' righ' direction. I'm talkin' about Will an' Charlotte, o' course." :Clears throat, a small smile escapes: "I think I migh' a' jus' gi'en 'em ane. On me way ta th' mess hall, I o'er'eard 'em talkin' about marriage an' I jus' couldn' resist. I popped me 'ead in an' asked 'em if they was thinkin' about tyin' th' knot...they o' course ga' all embarrassed. Ye know they're thinkin' about it *now*, whether they wan' ta or nae." :Laughs: "They jus' need ta start talkin' to *each other*. Solve a lo' o' problems, tha' would." :Shakes head.: "Well, I think I've done a gude thing 'ere. 'opefully, those two woan be so stubborn as ta ruin wha' I've done fer 'em."

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