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Dead. Man. Walking.

We have arrived in Tortuga, finally. I thought we would never get here. Everyone seems to be relieved that we have made it to the town relatively unscathed, well that's not really true. We have a lot of damages that need to be repaired as soon as possible, but no one seems to be paying that any attention. Within the next few days hopefully everything will be repaired as far as the ship is concerned. Now that has nothing to do with what I'm writing about, I have been couped up in my room for what seems like eternity. Will was kind enough to make me something to eat and after much begging and pleading on my part he said that he promised he would take me into town!! ::Grins widely:: I was just so excited! I could finally get out of the room for a little while and have Will accompany me, he really is a gentleman. No wonder Cass and Liz wanted to keep him for themselves. So anyway Will and I were walking, minding our own business when you'll never believe who happened to grace us with his highly undesirable presence. Captain Gavin Evans, ugh! I can't stand him, he's so arrogant and rude. The entire time he spoke to us he said nothing but boorish remarks. I cannot even say how many times he spoke down to Will, he spoke down to me but it's nothing new for me so I tried to just not pay attention. A young man, named Rue, came and...well...he spoke up for me, it was a kind gesture but he really didn't have to. But he nearly broke Gavin's knee, he deserved it, that pig. Of course Gavin came back with some smart remarks for all of us, he called me a whore. I should have seen that one coming. Will threatened him, but Gavin was never one to get scared very easily. Gwen came rushing back to where we were I think she was trying to come back to warn me but alas, it was too little, too late. The thing that shocked me the most was Will had knocked him to the ground, telling him to watch his mouth and then when he didn't he severed his head clean off. I was totally stunned, now I'm not angry with Will for killing him it's just a little strange to be talking to someone and then they are dead the next second. I'm kind of happy he's gone though, because now I don't have to worry about him ever again ::phew:: that is a relief. I don't blame Will for killing him, if you had heard the things he said, I'm sure you would have killed him too, Gavin never understood that just because someone has less money than you and doesn't live in a huge manor doesn't mean that they aren't good people. Hell most of the people I know that live in nice houses and have lots of money are stuck up and rude, case and point, Gavin...and some other people I know that shall remain nameless. Aye, what am I going to tell uncle Richard whenever it is I get back home? He's going to kill me, he was upset with me before we left and now a naval Captain, dead. I'll have to just explain to him what happened and pray to God that he understands. Will was distraught after the whole thing which is totally understandable so he left me with Gwen and so now I think Gwen and I are going to go on the search for Brandon, her older brother, who Gavin said was here. Why did Gavin have to show up and shoot his mouth off anyway?? Life would have been so much easier had he just stayed in Port Royal. ::sigh::
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