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Caribbean Piracy

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This is a very unique and breakthrough story line, roleplaying community based on the film "pirates of the caribbean". We have most of our cast filled but we are searching for intelligent and innovative role players to create original characters. We are also searching for two original characters,Nathen Lawson and Hector Calberon. Their descriptions are found at the very bottom and are marked by a * indicating that they are available. Below is a description of the story line followed by the cast of characters.

Charlotte Kingsley is a very tough young lady who finds herself involved in piracy. After her friend Rina Mallony is arrested for piracy, Charlotte looks to herself as the first mate on Rina's ship, The Goddess Wrath to free her from prison. While thinking of a plan, Murron McKillie asks Charlotte if she may join the crew of the Goddess Wrath. Not being the Captain the only answer she could give her was that the Captain was arrested and she was the only one she could ask. Murron offered her assistance and the two went to free Captain Mallony. Meanwhile William Turner got word that a woman was arrested falsely for witchcraft. He wanted to help so he went to the prison and had a few words with the guard who would not let him visit Rina. Charlotte and Murron entered the prison and Charlotte told the guard that her uncle was furious that he had arrested someone without being informed of the crime. A terrified guard ran to the Kingsley Manor thinking that his job could be on the line. Charlotte took the keys and went down to the cell where Rina was being held while Will told her of her legal rights in Port Royal ,which didn't really matter because she was going to escape anyway. Once the guard came back Charlotte shot the man in the leg to let them escape unscathed. Rina told Murron she could join her crew and Murron was overjoyed but it was short lived. Rina and Charlotte ran to the docks and hid from the guards that were everywhere. Rina said that she didn't want Charlotte involved with the situation and so the two went their seperate ways. Rina got aboard her ship and sailed out of Port Royal without Charlotte or Murron. Charlotte then realized that she needed her sword fixed because the Goddess Wrath had been in over two dozen raids over the past few months. She knew Will from since she moved to Port Royal and always had a crush on him but never told anyone, they never actually spoke to one another. Charlotte took her sword to him and asked if he could repair it and he said that he could. A few months before Will had found Elizabeth in his bed with a young solider who the governor is very fond of. Their relationship ended and he was left feeling very confused and bitter over it. As they walked together to the his shop, they spoke of many things and it was apparent that they were falling for each other. Then he sees Elizabeth together with the young man and he yells to Elizabeth and she ingnores him, she is very obviously over him. They continue to walk and Jack Sparrow enters into the picture. Jack takes a liking to Charlotte instantly...but doesn't he with every woman? Will thinks it would be a good idea for him to go with Jack on the pearl and go on an adventure. Jack agrees and Will asks Charlotte to join them and she agrees, to celebrate Jack suggests that they all go and get plastered. They go to the only tavern in town and it turns out that Arthur[Elizabeth's new boy toy] has her locked in the storage room and is attempting to take advantage of her. As a favor to him even though Elizabeth is the first haif of the two people that Charlotte hates most on the planet she shoots the lock off of the door and Will barges in and they have a huge verbal confrontation, followed by a physical altercation. Then Arthur pulled a knife on Will and Charlotte pulled her pistol on Arthur, she then shot him in his meat and potatoes for calling her a whore. Elizabeth who had been passed out woke up from all the commotion but is complete disaray, Will goes on to tell her that he only saved her because she has once saved him. After the stressful situation Will exits the tavern to smoke a cigar and Charlotte soon followed him. She confuses him because he is falling for her hard and it's all happening so fast. Murron soon comes to into the bar and and talks to Jack and soon asks him to join his crew and he agrees. Meanwhile Charlotte and Will are talking and Charlotte sends him the wrong signals. She's not sure how to handle the man she's loved for so long actually speaking in a flirtatious way to her. But he does something to her that triggers a vicious memory from her past and she begins to become a little cold with him unknowingly. He assumes that she has no intrest in him, but he is deadly wrong and then went back into the bar to sit with Jack. Charlotte realizes that he was just trying to get a little romantic with her and she took it the wrong way and soon after she went after him weeping and saying she was so terribly sorry...but she could never explain to him what he did until she got to know him a little better. After seeing the girl that shot two men crying before him he was very forgiving but said they should just be friends and crewmates. She didn't want that at all and the moment was interupted by Cassandra Layne, the second half of Charlotte's worst enemies. When Will realized who she was he dragged her outside and scolded her for coming up to him in public. They got into a heated argument in front of the tavern. Cassandra then went on to insult Charlotte and she became furious, Murron and Charlotte get to talking and soon after they decide to go for a walk. Meanwhile Will and Cassandra end up on the beach. They had a past together, while Will and Elizabeth were together they had an affair. So they become a little romantic again and almost kiss until Charlotte and Murron show up. While Charlotte watched in disbelief, thinking weather she should shoot Cassandra from taking Will from her once again, they are all interupted by Charlotte's uncle who comes storming onto the beach. He scolds Charlotte for taking off in the way that she did and Will decides that he wants to see if Charlotte is serious about him so he uses Cassandra by wrapping his arm around her waist while Charlotte gets scolded by her uncle. She sees this and her temper is like a raging fire by this point. He was not getting the response from her that he wanted so after Charlotte's uncle leaves he kisses Cassandra. Charlotte's temper boils over and she curses Cassandra out in Spanish and throws a knife after her that catches in a nearby palm tree. She storms off to retrieve the knife and Murron comes to her new friend's aid by telling Will that maybe he should listen to her. Will fires back by saying that Charlotte should learn to say what she feels instead of keeping it locked inside of her. Charlotte returns to the group and then Cassandra pulls a gun on them saying that she knew Will was using her to see what Charlotte felt for him and that he should ask her himself. After a brief spat Will challenges her to a duel and she agrees. They go back to the shop to find a sword for her and soon after begin to duel. Cassandra made one mistake and Will had the point of the blade at her neck. He couldn't bring himself to kill her and drops the sword. He tells Jack who had rejoined them at that point that he is not cut out to be a pirate because he couldn't even kill a silly girl. After a few moments of persuation by Cassandra and Jack he decides that he will sail with Jack. Jack suggests that they all go to the bar to forget what happened [according to Jack anything is worth dirnking over lol]. Will trys to persuade Cassandra to join them in drinks but she doesn't want to because her and Charlotte aren't the best of friends and Murron didn't seem to fond of her either. As much as he tried Cassandra turned him down and the four went off to the bar. Suddenly Elizabeth woke up from her drunken spell, she saw Will and Charlotte hanging all over each other and was not happy about it. She despised Charlotte and didn't like the fact that she was actually getting a chance with Will. She knew how much she's always liked him and Elizabeth had always made sure that he and Charlotte would never meet, so she made Jack come outside the bar with her and explain what in the hell was going on. Jack covered up for them in the way only Jack Sparrow could, by making up the most outlandish story ever. She didn't believe him and stormed off to her mansion, while Jack returned to the bar to get more to drink...he wasn't going after her his rum was more important than any lass. The next morning the three of them awoke in the bar with one hell of a hangover. Charlotte and Murron get informed of their behavior the previous night and Charlotte feels a little embarrassed. Will returns to his safe haven which is his blacksmith shop. He runs into Hector Cabellero, his only true friend in port royal. He is an older man who fenced with him everyday and gave him great company. After chatting about "female troubles" Hector reveals to him that he was once an infamous pirate and was best friends with his father boot strap bill. Hector moved to port royal so that he could keep an eye on the boy and secretly train him up to be a pirate. He also revealed to Will that he has a past with Charlotte. Hector was friends with Charlotte's mother and father and so was William sr. He used to bring will over to the house and he played with Charlotte and the parents could tell that they were equally smitten with eachother. Later in the day Cassandra reveals to Will that she is to be married to Nathen Lawson and it is something that she does not wish to do. The newly formed crew decide that they are going to crash the wedding and take Cassandra with them on the Pearl so that she can search for her brother who is a pirate. After the wedding is crashed Nathen and Elizabeth deicde that they are going to go after the black pearl and help eachother. Nathen agreed to help Elizabeth win back Will and Elizabeth agreed to help Nathen to win back Cassandra. However in the process of their scheme... sparks begin to fly. And with that begins our journey of Caribbean Piracy

William Turner: He has lived the life of a blacksmith until he found out that the blood of a pirate coarsed ever so strongly through his veins, and it was in his lineage. His eyes are an intense shade of chocolate brown and his skin is bronzed from the intensity of the caribbean heat. His hair is long and tousled and blows freely in the wind. His skills as a swordsman are uncomparable and his desire to be a pirate is unbridled.

Elizabeth Swann: Born into a wealthy, prestigious life, the Family Swan had no idea what lied beneath the perfect life. An only child a spoiled beauty enriched with quick thinking and truely loyal. In all her life never knowing true love was held within a disastrous reputation, of a hidden pirate?

Kitty Mersailles:She stands at five-foot, six inches. Her hair, nearly reaching her waist, is a shade of deep auburn, with sun-touched shades of pure gold, and red. Her eyes stand out against her tanned skin -- a startling green, with a core of gold. Naturally, she must return home to take care of her family's estate at Saint Lucia. But very few ships will take a woman on board. Perhaps it's her personality -- she can be cold, aloof, at times when she feels threatened. Of course, her heart bleeds for nearly anything. Of course, everyone knew that it was simply bad luck to have a woman on board. She was trained by her father's guards in swordplay, and has in her posssession five swords, two wrist sheathes, two thigh sheathes, and a spine sheath. She always dressed in the latest fashions, of the best fabric, but always allows some cover for her knives.s eyes. Caitlyn Therese Mersailles, called Kitty, is almost the exact image of her mother. She was stranded at Port Royal when her parents abruptly died of a fever, leaving her wealthy and naive.

Murron McKillie: Murron McKillie-Born in the Hebrides Islands of Scotland, she made her way to London after a fatal incident involving her older brother-who happened to be a pirate. Dressed as a young man and with her brother's effects, she learned to take care of herself. Working as an apprentice to a shoemaker, her life was going well until her employer discovered she was a girl. When he got rough with her, she killed him. Taking all the money from his shop, she headed off to the Caribbean. There she met Jack Sparrow and joined his crew. She has long, fiery red hair, dark golden-green eyes, and she's always dressed in men's clothes, just a habit, I guess.

Charlotte Kingsley:Born in Barcelona, Spain to the infamous pirate Captain Nicholas Black, she lived there with her mother Isabella until she was murdered by enemies of Nick's. Charlotte was then taken aboard her father's ship, The Intrepid and went around the world with him until a scare from the HMS Dauntless made him realize that this was no place for his young daughter. He took Charlotte to live with his wealthy brother Richard Kingsley in Port Royal so she could live a some what normal life. Years after he left her in Port Royal word came back to Charlotte that he had been killed in a fall out with the Dauntless. Though she loved her uncle she ranaway from home and took passage on a pirate ship, named The Goddess Wrath. Now that she is back in Port Royal things are heating up as ghosts from her past are haunting her once again. Jack Sparrow took an instant liking to the beautiful Spaniard and told her she could sail aboard the pearl. A deadly marksman like her father before her, Charlotte always makes sure she has her pistol with her at all times. She stands at 5'7", and has long dark brown hair, and deep chocolate eyes. She has naturally brozed skin which gives her an exotic look.

Cassandra Layne:Cassandra Jade Layne, born to Sir Dougary Scott and Miss Brooke Elizabeth Jade, has lived in Port Royal all her life. She was born to privledge but it hadn't always been that way. When her parent's first arrived at Port Royal many years ago, they had nothing but a few prized posessions. Sir Daniel Lawson, had taken pity on the young new comers and agreed to set them up in a manor down the hill over looking the cliffs and the beautiful Caribbean Sea. He had let Dougray Scott in on his business. Daniel owned one of the finest Inn's and Taverns in Port Royal. Dougray and Brooke had been set up for life, and along with that came their own rapidly growing wealth and status in the Port Royal community.

Jack Sparrow: {coming soon}

*Nathen Lawson:Nathan Justice, an upstanding man in the Port Royal community, was as handsome as they came. He was of wealthy blood and took his responsibilites to heart. However, Nathan wasn't like the other rich snobs. He was kind and caring and as generous as could be. Nathan Justice grew up with Cassandra in Port Royal. They spent many an hour together playing on the cliffs around the small town. They attended the same social gatherings and were generally very good friends. Nathan had always fancied Cassandra and always joked about marrying her when they were both of age and "ready." The one thing that either of them weren't informed about was that Cassandra was betroved to Nathan. When Cassandra's parent's moved to Port Royal, they had nothing but a few prized posessions. Nathan's father, Sir Daniel Lawson, had taken pitty on the young new comers and agreed to set them up in a manor down the hill over looking the cliffs and the beautiful Caribbean sea. He had let Dougray Scott (Cass's father) in on his business. Daniel owned one of the finest Inn's and Taverns in Port Royal. However, the deal was, that if Dougray and Brooke ever poduced a child, a baby girl, she'd be betroved to his only son, Nathan Justice. No sooner was the deal sealed but Brooke discovered she was pregnant. Cassandra Jade Layne was brought into the world nine months later and her fate had been sealed. Unfortunatly Sir Daniel died only a few years later and Dougray took over the business along side of Nathan when he was of age.

*Hector Calberon: Hector is a man that is wise beyond his years. He is of spanish blood and was once a cut throat and noble pirate of his time. As he grew older and all of his friends faded into the after life he moved to port royal from spain to fulfil the promise that he had once made to Boot Strap Bill. He is skilled with the sword and could easily defeat any man if asked to duel. It's hard to beleive that he once lead a life of piracy because his demeaner is very light hearted and he is full of wisdom. He has kind eyes and he stands at 5'9. He is heavy set and has tan skin and deep gray hair which is fading with age.