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Another Night.

Another night spent in the sweet embrace of my latest lover -- Alcohol. I spoke with a grizzled pirate earlier in the evening. He told me that.. The newest Dons of Saint Lucia wouldn't let me get near my inheritance. I have chosen to simply ignore the warning. It cannot be as bad as he said. Also, I've decided on a ship to.. stow away on. Even the term sounds lowly. If found, I will promise to pay my fare, and more, if necessary, upon my arrival at Saint Lucia. From there, I should be able to find another ship from there.

Before my mind became foggy, again, I happened to listen in on a couple, making up. It was very.. touching. My current position -- sitting in the pub, holding my poor, aching head, is lightened by the memory of the two. Very, very sweet, really.

Note to self : Never trust anyone that preaches that you've had too much. Find someone who can cure an after-drinking headache.
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