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A Way Out

After so many weeks of searching, I believe that I've finally found a way home. I just need to convince them to take me along.

I have several schemes in the works, and if this doesn't work.. I believe I may be forced to resign myself to a lowly stow-away. Just for the trip, of course.

It'll be terrible for my hair. I just can't find it in myself to really care, though. I find sea voyages.. enthralling, captivating. There's even something in the word that screams romance, love, adventure.. "Sea." It's like meeting a man called "Earnest." There's just something so noble, so right and true. I believe I will.. No, no.

The first thing must come first, they say. And that is to get home, to straighten the family estate. And then, perhaps, I can recover, gather myself, and set out again.

Perhaps I'll invest in a ship.
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